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Sparkling wines for the festive season
Sparkling wines for the festive season

Sparkling wines for the festive season

For the second year in a row, our festive season is feeling uncertain. Plans are made with the looming knowledge that they may need to change at the last minute, and that can make it very hard to work out what you need, or want to, buy. We are aware of this, and along with this handy guide to our Sparkling wine selection, we are offering next day delivery all the way until the 22nd of December. Just order before 2pm and you’ll have it in time for Christmas eve festivities.

The pre-Christmas party

Whether you’re celebrating as a group of 3 or 30, every Christmas party deserves a proper celebratory drink. Our favourite way to start off is by opening the best bottle while people arrive. Putting everyone in the spirit from the get go, there is something special about holding a golden glass of fizz as you open the door to family and friends. If you’re going to splash out somewhere, this is where we would do it. We have chosen something that will really get your guest talking: The Late Disgorged Blanc de Blancs from Schramsberg Vineyards. From one of the oldest wineries in the Napa Valley, located in the Sub-AVA of Calistoga, this sparkling wine has rich flavours of apples, toast, and (perfect for the season) baking spices. It’s fuller body makes this well-aged sparkling Chardonnay engaging and delicious and leaves it on the tongue to enjoy for a while after each taste.

Shop our pick: Schramsberg & J Davies’ Blanc de Blancs LD, £115.

Looking for something a bit more affordable? Schramsberg & J Davies have an estate Blanc de Blancs too, at £39.

Starting the morning of

Decadence is the word for Christmas day. That's why it is one of the only days of the year that you can start legitimately with a glass of bubbles. However, starting that early has its challenges - fun is the main point for Christmas morning, so the fizz needs to match. So we have gone with a sparkling wine with a little bit of a twist! Sokol Blosser’s Evolution Sparkling is similar to Champagne in its production, but it is a blend of 9 (!) different grapes, many super uncommon. This gives it a mix of traditional creamy and bready notes but with green and stone fruits on top. Totally perfect alongside breakfast, it will really add an extra level to your morning!

Shop our pickEvolution Sparkling by Sokol Blosser, £23

Pre-dinner aperitif

The turkey, nut roast or other Christmas meal centrepiece is the oven. The sides have been made and the table has been set. There is a small window of opportunity before everyone sits down where you can mingle and discuss the day's highlights. The perfect time to hear a ‘pop!’. In these moments, we look for something fun, with a little character. Something pink! Domaine Carneros’ Brut Rose (BE) NV is in our fridge for this exact moment. True to its Taittinger roots, this is a classic method traditional Rosé. It starts as a serious wine - notes of apricot, tangerine and rose petals - but then a playful side is brought out by wild strawberries and raspberries. Just get enough so there is some left in the glass for a ‘cheers!’ as you sit down!

Shop our pick: Domaine Carneros’ Brut Rose (BE) NV, £35

What to hold when the clock strikes 12

The feeling of starting anew each year is something that never goes away, but it feels even more important at the moment. Personally, I’m forgoing the traditional New Year's resolutions as I think there have been enough restrictions on us lately! New years is one of the few parties where you want to save the best bottle for a few hours in, so you can clink your best glass at the end of the countdown. For such a one-off occasion, we have something very special for you - the J. Schram Sparkling from Schramsberg & J Davies. It accounts for only 3% of the winery's annual production, making this wine very unique. The Chardonnay-focused blend epitomises Schramsberg's philosophy to create a wine in which no effort has been spared and no care has been omitted. While the 10 years aging has helped this wine to develop more complex and wonderful flavours, it has managed to hold onto its earthy nectarine and smooth peach notes from its youth exceptionally well. I can't think of a better wine to bring you into the new year.

Shop our pick: Schramsberg & J Davies’ J Schram, £99.

Looking for something a bit more affordable? Domaine Carneros has a wonderful Brut Method Traditional, £28.

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