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Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc grape originally came from France’s Loire Valley, but has since travelled the world. Over half of top rated Sauvignon Blancs are from California (especially Napa Valley and Sonoma) and Washington, with their distinctive fruit forward flavours and restrained acidity. We have two beautiful Sauvignon Blancs on our website:

- Our Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc from Groth, shows that this wine had a lot of thought, care and attention gone into it, the array of fruit character ranging from zesty citrus right though to tropical is quite something, and the acidity in contrast has been judged to perfection, making this a palate-jolting treat.

- Our Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc from Merry Edwards is very Californian in style - confident, bold and ripe, with an energetic line of acid, so typical of Russian River Sauvignon. Oak aged, and on the lees, it’s reminiscent of a good Bordeaux Blanc with the volume turned up a notch. Would be great with a plate of sashimi.

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