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​A wine for every Valentine’s day vibe
​A wine for every Valentine’s day vibe

​A wine for every Valentine’s day vibe

I love Valentine's day. I know it isn’t cool to admit it, but I do. Not the commercial, pink and plastic version so much, but the little reminder to show a bit of love during the cold dark winter months. Whether single or not, there is always someone you can share the day with. When I was 14, my mother bought me a dalmatian toy for Valentine's day that I still have. This year, I will be spending the 13th with my girlfriends (for the ever more popular ‘Galentine's day’).
One of the issues I have is that this day is becoming as stressful as Christmas (gosh that feels like such a long time ago!). So I will be avoiding cliche restaurant meals that are marked up for the day and spending the night in - and I recommend it! In fact, to help you along, all the wines in this article are 10% off! This is our little gift of love to you - just use code VALLY10 at checkout <3.

There are so many ways to show your love and appreciation for those close to you. Here at Pacific Wines, we have broken down 4 different Valentine's day vibes for you, and matched them up with the perfect wine (and thrown in a food pairing for good measure!). So this year, you can find the best way to show your love without breaking the bank.


When you think of a Valentine's Day glass, I would venture a guess that you’re visualising a beautifully sparkling wine in a nice tall flute. Maybe, if you're both really feeling the vibe of the day, it’s pink? We have just the wine you need. The Quartet Rosé NV from Roederer Estate is a classic pink sparkling wine, a gorgeous salmon colour which will fit the mood of the day perfectly. With fine and elegant bubbles, it looks just perfect in a flute. The crunchy red berry fruit notes come from the Pinot Noir in the blend, and its complexity from oak aged reserve wines, exactly as they do in Champagne. It’s just a bit more interesting ;)

Shop the wine: The Quartet Rosé NV from Roederer Estate, £35

Food pairing: If you really want to up your game, pair it with a plate of Prosciutto and a delicious slice of Brie de Meaux cheese.

Galentine's day

Not just for romantic love, Valentine's day is about the love you feel for anyone in your life. As a nod to this, Galentine's day (traditionally celebrated on the 13th) is there to recognize the bond you have with your friends. A move away from the classic sparkling wines, towards something different but equally beautiful is needed here. We have chosen the Old Love Riesling, from Ovum wines. It is a breathtaking, dramatic riesling. Perfect for sitting down with your friends and having a brilliant natter. The rich aromatics will help you feel all the appreciation you need for your friends, and the summer florals and salty edge can transport you back to memories gone by.

Shop our pick:Old Love Riesling by Ovum Wines, £22

Food Pairing: The citrus and saline notes will go well with a lemony fish dish, something with fresh green veg on the side and some good herbs. Or drink it with a Turkish take-away (because sometimes cooking is the last thing you need).


When you have spent a lot of time getting to really know each other over the years, Valentine's day can start to fade into the background. Do you really need a special day to show that you love each other? But every now and again, a small gesture can mean the world to someone. You don’t need to break the bank, book that impossible-to-get table or sprinkle rose petals on the bed. Instead, it can be enough just to put aside an evening for some quality time together. Leading on the relaxed vibe, we would suggest a refined and interesting Pinot Noir. We have 2 picks for you:

First up is the 2017 Pinot Noir from Napa Cellars. The quality you get for this price is exceptional. A beautifully made, fragrant, expressive wine with very well integrated oak character, rich, voluptuous fruit - it's round, ripe and moreish. Something to enjoy together all through the night.

If you want to push the boat out, show how special a good night in together can really be, then lean on the Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir from Raen Winery. Produced in the cool, coastal vineyard sites of the West Sonoma Coast, its aromas of fresh strawberry, crushed dark cherry and black plum bring you in, the wild berries, coastal minerality and earthy forest floor keep you there, and the long finish, showcasing excellent balanced acidity and tannins, have you coming back for more. All around a wonderful wine, something to savour and remember for a long time.

Our picks:

2017 Pinot Noir from Napa Cellars, £24

Food Pairing: For a delicious meal, pair this with a garlic and herb roasted pork tenderloin, or a dark chocolate mousse for dessert.

Sonoma Coast (Royal St. Robert Cuvée) Pinot Noir from Raen Winery, £60

Food Pairing: Look for something with earthy flavours to help bring out the savoury notes of the wine. Mushroom risotto, roasted autumnal veg or even venison will all go well. 

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